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Around 9AM EST this morning, NSA police reported that one suspect was killed and the other left in critical condition as the two male suspects dressed as females appear to have attempted to gain entry into the Fort Meade facility south of Baltimore, MD before colliding with another vehicle.

No Known Motive

Police do not yet know of a motive as to why the two men would attempt to break into the Fort Meade grounds, and the NSA did release a public statement to say that NSA police only began firing on the vehicle after it failed to adhere to demands to stop. The incident is not believed to be associated with any terrorism.

Centralized Area

Fort Meade is conisdered to be a rather large military and government installment in the Baltimore/DC area, housing up to 40,000 personnel and their families in addition to US Cyber Command, the US Defense Information School, and other agencies like the NSA. Earlier in the month, shots were fired onto the NSA building from distance damaging it and while an arrest was made in that case, the two incidents are not believed to be related.
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Scary stuff. What could they possible have wanted out of there?