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This week for bridal makeup trend we'll be going over the smokey eyes with bold lips look. For the brides that want their makeup to look prominent in photos this is the style - smokey, accentuated eyes with a bolder, brighter color on their lips.
Makeup: Anthony Merante / Photography: Still Moments Studio
Combo 1: Smokey eye + bright red lips
Combo 2: Smokey eye + blue undertone red lips
Combo: Smokey eye + pink undertone red lips
Photography: Diana Lupu
@darcysdiary If you look closely she also have a nose ring on!
I feel like that second look is actually super popular at weddings these days.
I didn't get married and certainly no kids for me. Although I keep thinking Winston is going to waltz in and gift me with the Queen of Amalie of Portugal's ruby necklace. I don't need a ring. I want THAT!
For my wedding (17 years ago) I actually wore a bright red lipstick. However, smokey eyes wasn't a thing in my era.
I like the look of these bold lips. Probably because I can't wear such dark color myself. So I envy those who can do it and pull it off.
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