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poor tae ik, crying at this scene. he was about to make a decision and it will affect his ownership of full house.. the house itself was bought by the company's president and tae ik is slowly putting all his earnings for the acquisition of full house someday. he left the company voluntarily and promises the president that he will start over without him and that full house will be in his possession someday.
fingers crossed..i take back my reviews..m so in love with the show!
i wouldn't go as far as love but they really like each other a lot... maybe they'll start falling in love here...^^
she loves him..and he loves her..already!! i cant believe it's just ep 10.. hope there are no misunderstandings!
i bet she likes tae ik... he only like kang hwi as a friend
but inthe preview it's tae ik ... and well..kiss is a confession unless tae ik says something stupid and ruins it!!!!
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