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So what do you guys think of the MV??? All credit goes to the owner of this video! (I do not own this MV) ;D
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OMGGGEEE LOVE ITTT SOOOO GOOD, SOOO EPIC , SOOO COOOLL Can't stop replaying Awesome Comeback <3
I loved it too. They kind of reminded me of the T-Birds from Grease but... not from the 50s hahaha.
I think 2:30 - 2:50 is my favorite part!!! Kai's smile omfg I died!! :D
Finally xiumin on the spotlight :-)
I really liked how chanyeol had a lot of dancing parts. He's always in the back for dancing but this time he was up front a lot so I liked that. He's so good and I'm glad they're finally seeing that kai isn't the only great dancer ❤️