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slide deck

So here is my slide deck, it's a jet board, (idk which one) black raven trucks, abec 9 bearings and I'm not sure what kind of wheels, maybe sector nines but I really don't know. I'm ordering little hoots soon.
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um I'd look up the board that you got online if they came on it as stock wheels, whatever website it is should say what they are@DrakeEvers
Yes they are all the same, the rasta board I posted came with them. Only some of them leave thane tho so @joeymotionless you are right as to how they ware and slide and everything. But does anyone know how to tell which company made them ? They don't have any markings or writing on them at all
its called rasta wheels. the coloration
some company's have wheels like that where each one is a different color but all have the same durometer, shape, and size. @JoeyMotionless not sure if that's what these are but yeaaa
are those 4 different types of wheels? im no pro but im sure each wheel has its own characteristics some wheels are easier to break in a slide idk just my opinion
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