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There are many ways to use cucumbers for a refreshing hydration. You can use it to reduce puffy eyes, an ingredient for infused water, and even green juice. It's a natural ingredient is versatile for internal and external benefits. Since the weather is getting a little warmer a refreshing bath with the coolest ingredient is a must. Take a look below to see how you can make your own cucumber soap bar!
15 oz sunflower oil
30 oz coconut oil
27 oz olive oil
21 oz palm oil
5 oz shea butter
18 oz cucumber juice (juicer works perfect)
19 oz water
14.1 oz lye (NaOH)
E.O. (optional)
Juice the cucumbers to make 18 oz of juice. Then put it in a small pitcher and set it aside.
While the oils and lye are cooling, add the coloring and chosen essential oil right to the pitcher with the cucumber juice in it, stir well and set aside once again.
Go back and add your lye water to your oils, and stir it until light trace. That is when you add your pitcher of cucumber, E.O. and coloring and finish mixing until you have a full trace, then pour.
I think if you add a hint of lemon it'll be perfect!
This would be the perfect weekend project. Saving it for later.