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In an effort to share her struggle and recover from annorexia, Anne Marie Sengillo posted her eating disorder recovery journey on Reddit, showing her rapid, unhealthy weight loss in 2007—she went from 150 pounds to 90 pounds in one year, and at one point even got as low as 70 pounds—and her slow road to better health since then.
The photos were meant to send a cautionary message but picked up the images and included them in an article about amazing weight loss transformations.
“That was the exact opposite reason of why I posted those photos,” Sengillo told People. “Those pictures you see online of super skinny girls? Most of the time it’s either done dangerously or they have a really high metabolism, and that’s only a few percent.”
The Chive has removed her photo and issued apologies both publicly and to Sengillo privately. “We had previously discovered the photo somewhere out there in the internet echo chamber which contained no frame of reference whatsoever,” reads the statement on its site. “We obviously had no idea Anne Marie had anorexia but that doesn’t excuse the action at all. It was a mistake, completely unintentional, and the photo was removed the second we found out about it.”
Makes you think again about all the "after" photos that are meant to inspire us...
So sad, what are we teaching ourselves about beauty and health!?
This makes me so sad.
I wonder how many other weight loss systems have used photos like this :/
Definitely not an awesome message to be spreading. Glad Anne is recovering and has a great mindset!