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Just get married already!

Every three months or so my girl JLaw and hunk, Bradley Cooper always seem to find themselves in the media spotlight and usually about their on-screen-off-screen relationship. Though it's purely non-romantic off-screen, I too am one of the many that seek to get these two together. Don't judge.
I'm catching up on my gossip on PopSugar.com and what do I find, but an article on the very subject yet again. You can read Nick Maslow's article for PopSugar here. But just look at some of the photos they compiled. I will share a couple with you here.
I wouldn't say I'm obsessed or anything but these two need to hook up...and all that. Marriage? HECK YEAH! Imagine the babies. The beauties. The talent. Could these two be the next Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston when it comes to tabloids?
(Photos: Getty / Christopher Polk)
LOL Everywhere I go everyone is talking about how they should hook up! I wonder if they have already.
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Me too they look great together.
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Right?!?! @beywatch. Let's hope something happens with them @trev3153
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I don't know if he wants to date another girl with the same name as his ex-wife. lol
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