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1. Wearing oversized clothing. Now there is the wrong oversized clothing and the right over-sized clothing. The right over-sized clothing is some of this spring’s top trends such as the bubble skirt, which looks fabulous paired with a tighter fitting top and a high waist belt. Wrong over-sized clothing is just plain wrong: huge knee-reaching t-shirts, baggy pants, you get the point. Make sure you buy clothes that fit you properly. 2. Wearing red and green at the same time. Honestly, you will look like a Christmas tree. Red and green are two of the colors that you absolutely must avoid wearing together. These colors completely clash, so just stay clear. Also, it’s best to stay away from green and red makeup. 3. Dirty shoes. It would be bad enough if you had shoes that were out of style, or didn’t match with your outfit, but if you have dirty shoes, you’re making a big fashion faux pas. Make sure to keep your shoes in style, according to your outfit, and most importantly, clean! 4. Short skirt and short top. If you’re going to wear a miniskirt, don’t wear a short top with it! It is one of the worst fashion mistakes you could make because you’ll end up looking trashy. Instead, wear a miniskirt and pair it with a tee that reaches your hip bones. Play it up with a wide belt. If you’re into short tops, just wear jeans and steer away from short skirts. 5. Too much jewelry. A pair of embellished earrings; a funky necklace; some bangles; a few rings; maybe a brooch. That is way too much jewelry for you, and for your outfit. So if you don’t want to look like an ornament, keep it simple! A thin, fine necklace and a pair of earrings is enough. Or if you decide for a pair of big, adorned earrings, keep it simple by wearing a few rings or a bracelet or two with that, but stay away from the necklace.Just know your limits. 6. Wearing fashion that doesn’t suit you. If miniskirts are in, and you don’t have the greatest legs, that’s fine! You don’t have to abide by each and every single fashion trend that comes out. If something that suit your body type, it’s better to stay away from it. After all, most of us aren’t models and a lot of the fashion trends that spring up don’t suit everybody, so be careful what you choose. 7. Panty lines. Need I say more? If you’re going to wear thin, clingy, or even white pants, be aware of it and don’t walk out with embarrassing panty lines, but opt for a thong. 8. An orange tan. This is my biggest pet peeve ever! Let’s face it: you know that it’s orange, you just don’t want to admit it. Stay away from cheap self-tanners because they will bring you nothing but trouble. Instead, shell out some money for a better product such as Esteé Lauder sunless and make sure you always exfoliate before applying self-tanner. 9. Don’t indulge That means don’t over do sparkles, sequins, or any festive looking articles of clothing. While it’s fun to play with different colors, fabrics, and styles, keep it simple is very important. Wearing too much of a good thing can turn into a fashion disaster. If you’re going to wear a top that has sequins on it, keep it simple everywhere else and don’t embellish your outfit even more. (source:
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I've always found it interesting that self tanners and bronzers are orange-y. Who is orange!? It's a problem with makeup too because somehow darker tones = orange.