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it started 2 years ago with a $30 dollar phat phixie fixie bike from a pawn shop. never thought I would be buying parts, they just sort of landed on my lap or such a great deals it was hard to pass. my first upgrade was my vision handlebars then my carbon fiber fork by Reynolds and a spinergy wheel for $50 each the wheel is 26 but I think it looks cool and doesn't feel different. then finally got a gusset pro badger chain for $30 with a sram omnium crankset and rear aerospoke for $170 each , the seat and seat post I swapped from a masi bike at my pawnshop and the bar tape is from dedatape to look like carbon fiber .overall spending under $500 i think i did alright with alot of compliments from people and jealousy from my friends lol.
looks like an Urban Trend.
@GuillermoGarcia The build looks really great man! I'd say the next thing you need to do is slam that stem!!! (Also, you might want to make the front quick release pointed the other way for safety reasons).
@bikesnob can you say this fucking guy lol don't know if it's ultimate hipster or ultimate performance lol
Aerospoke AND spinergy? Man you are going places in like! lol