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Attention, Vegan Vinglers! For this week, I'm going to be adding cards to a special seasonal collection called Vegan Easter Basket! In this collection, you'll be able to find a whole bunch of ideas as to what vegan items you can enjoy this Easter Sunday. (It's totally do-able!)
I decided to start off this collection with a DIY recipe for Cadbury Creme Eggs that you can be rest assured is 100% dairy- and cruelty-free!

Vegan Cadbury Creme Eggs

1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup Earth Balace (What on Earth is Earth Balance?)
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups powdered sugar
Red and yellow food coloring
12 ounces vegan chocolate chips (I would recommend Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips.)
2 teaspoons shortening
Wax or parchment paper
Egg-shaped candy mold or skewers, optional
1) In a medium bowl, cream together corn syrup, butter and vanilla. Beat in powdered sugar until smooth.
2) Place about a third of the mixture in a small bowl. Add food coloring drop by drop until you've achieved the desired color. Tightly cover both bowls and refrigerate for at least an hour.
3) Line two cookie sheets with wax or parchment paper. Using a teaspoon and your hands, form balls out of yellow fondant and place on a cookie sheet. Place cookie sheet in freezer.
4) Using a tablespoon and your hands, form white fondant into balls. Flatten white balls into discs; place on cookie sheet. If whites are still firm enough, you can go ahead and start filling them with the yellow centers. Otherwise, place sheet in freezer for a little bit until they firm up.
5) Place one white disc in the palm of your hand. Drop a yellow ball into the center of the disc, and fold white around it. Roll fondant into a larger ball and place on a cookie sheet. Repeat with remaining fondant and place balls in freezer for another half hour.
6) In a double boiler or microwave, slowly melt together chocolate chips and shortening, stirring until completely smooth. (If you're using candy molds, now is the time to paint one side of the molds with a thin layer of chocolate. Let cool before placing fondant balls inside.)
7) Skewer a fondant ball with a toothpick and dip in chocolate, taking care to shake off any excess. Place coated balls in refrigerator to harden fully. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
These look like the real thing! Totally!
My great aunt used to make filled chocolates all the time but I never took the time to learn how she did it. I'm inspired by this recipe!
These really look like egg covered in chocolate!
@flymetothemoon Isn't it crazy?! I'm so glad that such a popular Easter staple can be so easily veganized.
@AvocadoLove Right?! That fondant really looks like yolk!