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im far from a great skater or even a good skater for that matter but after getting the Bustin Maestro (my first was a sector 9 dropper had it for 2 years) it took me less than 3 months to learn coleman slides, regular slides, toe-slides (which I still find extremely sketchy) to flat top plants and quite a few more I find this board to be great to learn on though the Asymmetrical concave can be a bit tricky to deal with I still highly recommend this board for anyone lookin to just get a feel of the basics it's a great teacher.
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indeed it is
just making sure cause you said you had the dropper and it confused me a bit @T0K3Z
oh yeah I shoulda specified better
it says it on the deck
Yea man I have the fiber glass one with that limited edition design with the eyes and shit I learned flat top plants the first day I had it as well as a pop shuv and a manual it's an amazing board