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The jelly bean is a staple candy for anyone celebrating the Easter Sunday holiday, but not all jelly beans are created equal! Some are made with gelatin, while others are coated with a beeswax glaze to give them their shininess. (Something's always got to ruin it, right?!)
But don't worry! Jelly beans that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians DO exist, and they're actually a lot easier to find than you'd think. Here are some popular brands that offer 100% vegan jelly beans. You should be able to find them in stores near you!

Starburst Original Jellybeans

(Found at Walgreens, Target, WalMart, and most supermarkets nationwide.)
These jelly beans come in Original, Tropical, and Sour varieties. They even can be found in cute plastic eggs closer to the Easter holiday!

YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans

(Found at Whole Foods and most other natural food grocers.)
These jelly beans are delightfully sour and, unlike the Starburst variety, use no artificial colors when making their beans. Five snack packs come in a package, so you can use these beans for multiple Easter baskets!

Wonka SweetTarts Jelly Beans

(Found at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and most supermarkets nationwide.)
These have a little bit of tang and a whole lot of flavor. Plus I love the pastel colors, which are a perfect touch to any Easter candy spread!
Thanks for the info I was just wondering which companies are kind
I don't even like jelly beans but I got excited about this post haha
starburst and jellybean are my favorite!
@vegnmama I'm glad you appreciate it! I'll be sure to make some other lists like this. :)
@GetFitwithAmy me too! I love when things just happen to be vegan.
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