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Today was some amazing weather. 75 degrees. The 1st picture is of a little hill that was freshly paved. It is so smooth. And I didn't realize how much smoothness makes even a little hill faster. This was the first hill I have road on before and after being paved. Also the rest of the photos are from my little heaven. The neighborhood has two hills that meet at the bottom. They are both really smooth. Very little traffic. One hill is a constant hill and the other is a huge drop and than gradual hill and than little drop. Once they connect they both go straight flat for a little bit. And probably the best part about this neighborhood is the people there are so nice and kind and supportive of us skating there. I love it. It's my favorite place to skate. So peaceful and beautiful.
And don't be that jealous @AndrewVollmar you probably got really good longboard shops near you. All we got is Zumiez
@AndrewVollmar @DKCorrupt I just wish I started Longboarding a long time ago.
Why dont we take these roads and bring them over here?!? Im jealous
you can trade places with me in fl
Yeah I was chased by a pit bull a couple weeks ago
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