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You know those moments when you're nervous, nervous-excited, or just down-right scared and suddenly your hands are a gross clammy mess? Why does that happen?!
Sweating is what happens when your body is trying to help regulate its temperature to keep everything running smoothly. The human body has millions of sweat glands, and more than half of them are found in the hands. When the body becomes agitated – through physical exertion, extreme temperatures, or stress – the sweat glands release sweat to help cool the body back down to its optimal temperature range.
When emotional stress causes a reaction from your sympathetic nervous system, it primarily affects the glands on your face, palms, soles of your feet, and in your armpits. It also causes your veins to constrict! Just try your best to stay calm and your palms won't react!
This is really interesting. I thought you only got sweaty armpits from the weather or working out, not because you're stressed!
That never happens to me :/
So all we can do it 'not freak out' hahahaha
I get preemptively nervous that I'll get sweaty palms from being nervous and then I just set myself off hahaha