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Hein-Kuhn Oh started his career as a documentary photography. He captured the social landscapes on the streets, focusing on specific groups of people that present a certain type of social convention created by the Korean society.
In 1999 Hein-Kuhn Oh did a solo exhibition named 'Ajumma, Portraits of Middle-aged Women in Korea.' Many of his projects after this exhibit he has pursued his constant interest in revealing common notions and sterotypes that are influenced by entertainment media in Korean society.
Hein-Kuhn Oh recently received the 10th Dong-gang Photography Award in Young-Wal, Korea. Currently, he is an associate professor at the Kaywon School of Art and Design.
Ajumma wearing a pearl necklace, February 25, 1997
Ajumma Puts a jacket on her shoulder, March 27, 1997
Ajumma wearing a tiger fur print dress, March 27, 1997
Ajumma wearing a flower print scarf. March 27, 1997
Two Ajummas 1. March 26, 1997
Ajumma with sad eyes, March 27, 1997
Ajumma wearing a pink Korean traditional dress. March 27, 1997
Ajumma wearing a gold-rimmed eye glasses, March 21, 1997
Ajumma with a good laugh, March 24, 1997
Ajumma wearing a jade green Korean traditional dress, March 27, 1997
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