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Google has enabled a secret feature in Google Maps for April Fools this year. Some April Fools pranks are just downright mean, but this is real and it's THE BEST THING EVER!
Google Maps now allows you to play the classic Atari game Pac-Man on any street in the world. To get your own game going, you need to first go to Google Maps and navigate to any location that you want. When you are ready you can click the Pac-Man button in the lower left of the screen and Google works its magic. The controls are all done with the arrow keys!
You can run Pac-Man through Times Square.
Even around the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
And traverse through the crazy streets of London.
However, this ISN'T the first game that Google has subtly implemented into one of their products. I won't even mention all the mini-games that they have implemented into their logo on
For example, when you see a dead web page while using google Chrome this page pops up.
If you press the space bar at this screen you will start to play a game where you must jump over trees as this little dinosaur.
And who could forget when YouTube (Google owned) implemented the classic mobile phone game snake into their video loading screen!
Somehow I think Google Earth Pac-Man trumps all of the other games, based on sheer scale alone. I do hope that Google intends to keep this as a hidden feature, it's just so cool!
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I'm always impressed by what they come up with. I mean, their employees probably do them partially on their own time, too, since they seem to be more "fun" features than things google absolutely has to do. Who knows, though! Maybe Google hires people just for creating them.