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Now, a French Press is probably not the best container for a mini biosphere, but it sure looks cute, right?! Here's how you can make your own:
What you need:

1. French Press!
2. Pebbles - you can use any size because the screen within the French Press will also help out with drainage. You typically put in about a 1/2 to 1 full inch of pebbles. 3. Potting soil: You need to use seed starting soil, which is semi-sterile. Do not use soil from your garden or backyard. 4. Moss: You can use pretty much any type of moss you can find, but do not use mosses that self-compost. 5. Decorations and anything else you want in there! How to make it: 1.Put in gravel (1/2 to 1 full inch) under the screen of the French Press, make sure its level. 2. Drop in dirt (1 to 3 inches deep), and make a hill-like shape out of it inside your terrarium. 3. Add the moss and ferns 4. Water the roots of the plants and add lid. 5. Find a good place for your terrarium and love it!

LOL @Tamberea check out thrift stores. I bet they'd have one...maybe. :)
My mom doesn't need her french press anymore right? Haha to cute ^^
@DaniaChicago Hmm ua I'm sure they'd have something. Thanks!
This is so cool! Must have one at my house ♥
i really like this idea. its cool
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