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Hilary White of PopSugar just posted a great blog post about why she doesn't work out, and what she does instead. Here are here four tips for a non-gym rat life, with some of my ideas attached :)
1. I stay constantly active and on my feet.
Be constantly on the move, even at work. Get up and down several times an hour wherever you are. On the weekends, make sure to allow yourself some downtime with Netflix or a good book, but I don't waste any sunny days sitting on the couch.
2. I walk everywhere I can.
If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that you can walk comfortably to other places, do it! Even if it takes a half an hour, walk to the grocery store then bus back! Ditch the subway and walk a few more blocks.
3. I eat healthy.
Exercise is only half the battle. You need to eat right to make any difference in your body. Stick to things that are natural, clean, and not overly prepared, like vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat. It makes the workday go by faster when you get to snack on something every couple of hours, anyway!
4. I make fitness fun.
Stop pushing yourself to go to classes and join a gym, but instead save your energy for activities that you can get really excited about.
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I think that a healthy diet is more important than an exercise regimen
Making fitness something fun rather than a chore is what makes all the difference
All easy, all doable, I love it!
I love going on MapmyWalk after a long day and seeing how far I've walked. Thinking about it makes me walk farther during the day!
I love the gym, weight lifting especially! I also year round do lots of other activities to eat and stay healthy! I do things I enjoy most and also try to learn and do new things! Aging isn't pretty so while you're young do all you can to keep the glow and health going. Something I found out as I began to age around 40ish. I am from the butter, baby oil and iodine to tan and burn generation. Now I wear at least 30SPF nothing less than 50SPF at the beach, use lotions/creams to keep the wrinkles and aging as minimal as possible and the more natural the better for me. I weight lift at the gym especially, use other household items to lift at home, do stretches and all of your great exercise routines at home, more than that I enjoy bicycling outdoors, roller/ice skating, Kayking, fishing, kids playgrounds and the monkey bars which can be really hard when out of shape, motorcycle riding, badmitton, bowling, skateboarding, zip lining, volleyball, golf, baseball, soccer, basketball, dancing hip hop at the clubs, walking, being at the beach and soaking up all the vitamins from the sun, cornhole, darts, pool and so many more things! My idea is just to enjoy, get moving, not be a couch potatoe, and stay and eat healthy as long as I possibly can as I age! Not to offend anyone but sex as we know is a great endorphin booster just like all exercises helps in many ways! Good luck yall and take care and continue to be the great person you are!