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An amazing sweet with a completely new texture! Can’t stop eating it after you finish the first one. Its cute shape as round as a macaron, and its taste is close to the marshmallow. When putting it in your mouth, you can feel its fine and smooth texture just like melting snow. The most arresting feature of this macaron is the printed animal pattern. The variety of animal patterns has quite a good range such as kitty, panda, rabbit, tiger, bear, and so on.
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@AvocadoLove Have you ever visited Japan before? I really want to someday!
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee Unfortunately, no. I would love to travel there someday but a part of me is paranoid from all the airplane incidents...
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Wow~!! Sooooo lovely!! Where can I buy this?
3 years ago·Reply
You can not it;--(( Because It is sold only in Japan.
3 years ago·Reply
( •▪•) i wanna eat them
3 years ago·Reply