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FIFA announced today that the upcoming Women’s World Cup in Canada will use Goal Line Technology like that found in the Premier League. Hawk-Eye is said to be incredibly accurate and currently uses 7 cameras around each goal line to determine within the span of a second whether or not a goal has been scored.

This is a big step. FIFA was criticized for not offering a level playing field as that of the Men’s World Cup with the WWC set to be played on natural grass with Canada’s election to host the WWC (to be fair only Zimbabwe bid against Canada for the WWC). The inclusion with goal line technology is not only a reciprocal of the men’s game but also a showing of just how successful the tech has been given this is its 2nd year of use in the current Premier League in England.
The Women’s World Cup starts June 6th.

@CitySarajevo Would love to see it in MLS but it hasn't been needed yet.
@Spudsy2061 Think we'll see it in MLS?
@GermanBumbleBee That's probably the only thing keeping it out of the major leagues at the moment.
@CitySarajevo Has been impressive. Almost mandatory if they can reduce costs.
Good choice. Looks to be spot on.