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Spring Fresh Notebook Reboot

Prepping for Spring, I came across this cute idea to reboot plain or tired notebooks using scrap fabrics that you find during Spring Cleaning! While this idea isn't entirely new, it comes from LuluLovesCaleb and was featured on one of my favorite sites, HonestlyWTF.

Supplies and such

Fabric scraps
Glue stick
Sewing machine
Notebook (they used Moleskin brand)

The How-To

Begin by cutting a piece of fabric that is just a tad smaller than the cover of your notebook. Next, glue the fabric to the notebook. Stitch along the edge of the fabric, about 1/4 inch in from the edge. The corners are easy. Just leave the needle submerged into the down position, lift presser foot, turn the notebook 90 degrees, lower presser foot, and continue sewing until all the sides are sewn. Knot the ends and trim any excess threads.
I have a couple journals that have pretty covers. But by using some scrap quilting material my mom has, I can revive it to something new and fashionable.
What will you do?
Cute idea to make old things new again. Plus, using scraps of things instead of throwing them away.
i have a sewing machine but I so rarely use it. This is a great reason to start using it again.
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