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The former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has won the general election for the Presidency of Nigeria beating incumbent Goodluck Johnathan. Buhari, now 72, avoided a run off by carrying 25% of the vote in all 24 states and managed to win the election by just over 2 million votes.

Deepening Democracy?

Buhari did thank Johnathan for all his hard work, saying a national election like this would not have taken place without all of his hard work as this is the first time an incumbent has been defeated in a general election. Buhari previously ran the government in the 80s for almost two years, replacing the then leader in a coup before he himself was ousted.

New Challenges

Buhari does have his work cut out for him after carrying most of the northern states, ones which have suffered greatly from Islamic-extremist attacks from the group Boko Haram. There are some concerns for the new president as he has had a generally poor human rights record during his 20 month tenure as President in the 80s and he is also seen as a strict disciplinarian but he himself was once targeted by Boko Haram in an assassination attempts so some will feel his goals will be the same for a now democratic moving Nigeria.
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Hopefully, his second era will be met with less concerns and more progress.