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Letting nature take its course is one thing. But don't count on nature to offer up all these gemological wonders without the help of master jewelers. Drawn from the rugged earth, these stones were cut and polished to deliver exceptional beauty. If only my makeup were as perfect as this from every angle.
Don't be fooled, this isn't emerald. It's jade. And if you are clueless to what jade is, then go to wikipedia and learn. I can't be bothered with educating the Wal-mart masses; I'm just too busy planning something. The only question on my mind is what manipulation power-play do I need to unveil to get Winston programmed into getting this for me? Thoughts? Ideas?
Let's make a deal: I pour myself a bourbon, and you all give me some ideas. Comment below!
Natural Jade Platinum Ring
Inventory No. 30-3-7022
Center Jadeite Details
Measurements:18.38 x 13.05 x 6.79 mm
Cut/Shape:oval cab
Additional Gemstone Details
Diamonds 80 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 1.40 carats
Diamond Clarity: SI
Diamond Color: G-H
Diamonds 32 Baguette Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 1.60 carats
Diamond Clarity: VS-SI2
Diamond Color: G-H
Total Diamond Carat Weight:3.00 cttw
Product Details:
Ring Size:4 3/4
Width:1 1/8 inch
THat is quite a green monster on that pinky finger! really amazing green jade though
WOW. Take a look at that! Show stopper!
@nixonwoman I know that many times I urge for smaller rings and rings that are INEXPENSIVE, but...I have to say that I really do like this ring a lot. So you can mark that down. hehe The jade is the most deep green jade I have ever seen and it's breathtaking.
It's VERY VERY real @daniachicago. Want one? haha
That Jade is insanely huge! Unreal!
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