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The New Dr. Pepper

You are blessed my dears. And more than just because I am showcasing this stunning Coral and Rose-Cut Diamond Ring. This ring in all it's fabulousness is an homage to my fairy god-mother, Angie Dickinson.
You and Winston can roll your eyes together. But I'll be wrapped in terrycloth, getting my pedicure, indulging in episodes of Police Woman. And always a lady, I'll be wearing my Drake Ruby bracelet, imbibing on Goetz-Skowics-inspired shooters. This ring is more than a reminder of accomplishment, it is a historical homage to living legend, Angie Dickinson. Read on!
Wildly popular, Police Woman achieved groundbreaking success in television. It contoured American life. Dickinson's character, Sgt. Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson, was attributed to a dramatic surge in employment applications by women for law enforcement across the nation. In fact, her influence as a strong and powerful woman, earned Dickinson an honorary doctorate from the Los Angeles Police Department. She was famously quoted as saying, "Now, you can call me Doctor Pepper."
NBC, which aired Police Woman, was so impressed with the positive response from the public, that they, among other networks, began producing shows with women as the lead. Angie Dickinson was the first female American television star to hold a leading role. Prior to that all leading roles were dominated by men.
Dr. Pepper...Gawd I love that bitch!
Coral and Rose-Cut Diamond Ring
Inventory No. 30-1-5303
Center Coral Details
Measurements:10.00 - 10.00 mm
Cut/Shape:Button Cut
Additional Gemstone Details
Diamonds 14 Rose Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 0.50 carats
Diamond Clarity: SI2-I1
Diamond Color: I-J
Total Diamond Carat Weight:0.50 cttw
Product Details:
Materials:14 Karat Rosy-Yellow
Ring Size:6 1/4
Width:1/2 inch
I have never heard of Angie Dickinson. We just didn't watch a lot of tv growing up. But the coral is very pretty.
Great history of Police Woman. I think I may have seen one or two episodes when I was a kid. And the coral in this ring is so elegant. BoHo chic.
hahaha the new "dr pepper" good one @nixonwoman
Angie's a doll. Fabulous.
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