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It's me! Kimchi! I'll be back as moderator for another quarter (with my trusty support team!) and can't wait to get started!
Also I'm super excited to have @harmonico as the Chanyeol moderator - I hope we can do some collaborations :):)
Last quarter was awesome thanks to all of our awesome members with our Vingle Kpop Awards and the Battle of the Bias (along with just a ton of Kpop madness in general^^)
This quarter we already have a ton to look forward to: - @MattK95 and @jiggzy19's Scenarios Game
- @snowinseoul's hilarious reactions

- SO MUCH MORE (our playlists, random hilarious memes, and of course lots of kpop)

If you have any ideas for events, games, themes, etc that you want to see happen in our community this quarter COMMENT BELOOOOW!!!

Love youuuuuu

I have a few ideas but I'll keep those a surprise, looking forward to working with all of you again :D !!!!
I'm really loving the Vingle community right now. There's so much involvement! :)
I'm so excited for this quarter ! *\(^o^)/*
Thanks for the mention! And big Hakyeon hugs to you~
Yasssss!! :)
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