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Face it, darling, this world is paved with misery. Sometimes, if you're lucky, or rich, it's plated with gold. Check your wallets dear, if there's a plastic card emblazoned with Discover or Sears on it, I'd like to offer my sincerest of condolences. Your life must be tremendously arduous.
How do you do it?
Actually, don't answer that.
May I offer some help?
(That was more of a statement and less a question...)
At the risk of being redundant, I am an avid ruby collector. However, I don't simply admire and horde; I also wear my jewels. I wear them all the time, actually. Rubies, if only in my mind, seem to come to life when they are draped against the heat of human flesh. It doesn't just feel good; it feels right. Like that's the way it's supposed to be.
Just because this ring features a very large synthetic ruby, don't start crying foul. Not yet my dear. Going synthetic is hardly turning to the dark side. Don't fret @darcysdiary, @redridergirl, @beywatch, @modernromance, @marshalledgar...I haven't sunken to the depths yet. You won't find me holding court at the likes of JC Penny or Kohl's or God-forbid, the discount retailers. You know the ones, with double X and double L in their names.
Synthetic is up there with cultured pearls. This isn't PET from China. These aren't "stones" made of recyclable material. These are man-made high quality gems that come from billion-dollar pharmaceutical-grade labs. This isn't dime-store quality. Losing a stone like this should elicit tears and hysteria.
So if you find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown and you have really only two options, either binge watch every damn Pedro Almodovar film he's ever made (on loop cycle) or arm your knuckle sandwich with gems of this ilk.
The promise is this: if you can't be a better human being, at least you'll be a better, more elegant bitch.
Yours very truly,
Mama Nixon
Synthetic Star Ruby and Diamond Platinum Ring
Inventory No. 30-1-5015
Center Synthetic Ruby Details
Carat Weight:42.00 cts
Measurements:20.14 x 18.53 x 10.04 mm
Cut/Shape:Oval Cabochon Cut
Additional Gemstone Details
Diamonds 40 Baguette Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 2.10 carats
Diamond Clarity: VS
Diamond Color: G-I
Diamonds 30 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Diamond Total Carat Weight: 2.60 carats
Diamond Clarity: VS
Diamond Color: G-H
Total Diamond Carat Weight:4.70 cttw
Product Details:
Ring Size:square shank, maybe size 7 1/2
Width:1 1/8 in
Length:1 1/8 inch
It's vibrant and has a beautiful star. Also, great writing too @NixonWoman
@Heartofgold35 Are you on life support? Do you need a cabochon ruby IV drip? Isn't this utterly gorgeous?
Lol code blue
Always a pleasure @redridergirl :) @noonmarez, Colin Cowie is a lifestyle guru from South Africa. He is more than an event planner and designer, he is a lifestyle coach, educating and inspiring us to live everyday beautifully. It can be something simple or grand. He's written books, hosted television, et al. He's quite incredible. I'd say 99% of his philosophy is pure common sense.
this purple fuchsia color is so vibrant. It's beautiful.
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