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Annie, one of our cats is dying - as I care for her, I have been journaling hers and my experience, and observations.
Others in the house react to Annie’s condition, from finding a stuffed toy had not been used in 4 years gently carrying it around to unusual affection. I believe in the connections between all things.
silken weaves - rich okun
I see the silken weaves that bind
and ties close round us as they wind.
Interconnections of substance made
forms in which all matter’s displayed.
And especially in a time of need,
there seems to be a strengthening.
Conflicts drop, a love concede,
and wishes for a life’s lengthening.
Some unusual behaviors,
where a token is brought,
perhaps acting as saviors,
an honoring; I thought.
And though never before,
now a cuddling is sought.
In their hearts at its core,
such tenderness is wrought.
No bits of logic
can explain it away.
nor anthropomorphic,
magic happens every day.
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Thankyou Christina - she is peaceful and is dying with grace.
very touching! I hope she can go peacefully when the time comes...