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This picture doesn't look like much, it's actually really simple. It allows you to swap any one button on the PS4's Dual Shock 4 controller for any other button. You might think to yourself, why is this a big deal?
"Console wide button remapping is a huge deal for physically impaired gamers. One of the most commonly requested accessibility adaptation AbleGamers receives is for custom controller's that move buttons to more comfortable positions," Steve Spohn, COO of the AbleGamers charity.
"If you have limited movement in one arm, only one functioning hand, or even limited digit movement, button positioning is everything. And even more so if you have a neuromuscular disease such as muscular dystrophy where you fatigue more easily depending on what buttons you need to press."
For years people have been pushing gaming companies to make full customization in button mapping, and third party companies have offered this feature to gamers at a price. However, these custom controllers didn't always work well with the console, game, or even the disabled gamer.
Now, disabled gamers will be able to map controllers to suit their needs, making video gaming accessible to millions of people around the world. There are 70 million gamers with disabilities, who now will be able to enjoy the games they were previously unable to play.
Yup, really glad Sony did this. I'm all for everyone being able to play games!
Fabulous news! Philip games. I don't unless you count Candy Crush. But this is a cool think. I actually didn't realize the number of disabled players was so high.