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The best way to prevent breakout and other skin problem is maintaining a good hygiene. Not only do you have to wash off your makeup by the end of the day, cleaning your makeup tool regularly is vital! The number one tool everyone use is a makeup brush, so let's start with this one. Below is a quick and effective way to clean your brush and get rid of any bacteria build-up.

Materials you need:

Baby shampoo (it’s gentle yet effective)
Running water
Clean towel for drying
Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
1. Wet brush. Keeping the tip of the brush pointed down, apply shampoo from the palm of your hand onto the brush. Swirl the bristles around in your hand, then rinse thoroughly.
2. Repeat until water runs clear.
3. Squeeze out excess water.
4. Lightly spritz the damp brush with alcohol to get rid of any lingering germs.
5. Lay brush flat on a clean towel to dry overnight.
Tip: Never stand the brushes upright to dry. Water will leak into the handle and loosen the glue, causing the brush to eventually break.
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thank you so much... but is there another way to waste less water? maybe using two glasses with water and rinse them
@maymay75 As long as it can disinfect your brush
@mykarlitalove Yes, you can do that.
How can u clean the makeup beauty sponge
@Rocio13 Here's the instruction for cleaning beauty sponge --> www.vingle.net/posts/748173-2-ways-to-clean-beauty-blenders