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On a cloudy winter night I took a train headed to nowhere. Then you joined my train. I thought you are my true company. I thought we looked for same goals. I thought the only way we can get off from the train is by reaching the goal we have set. Then suddenly you took off. And the door was shut. I screamed against the door asking you to come back, but the train left. You didn't look back You didn't notice me Like clowns take their mask off after their show you showed me that it is all wrong. Now I don't know if I will let people to take my train or let other companies to join me. When they ask me for a ride, I will tell them "Sorry, this train is no longer available. It is all ripped and crashed." Everyday I am all by myself in this train looking out the windows and thinking "Why?"
Great piece of writing :)
I really understand these feelings so well. Very well written