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Today's Makeup !

For my eyes: A nude color as the base I added burgundy to the outer eyelid and up into my crease I added a tiny bit of black on the outer eyelid and a little bit onto the crease (not as far or as much as the burgundy) I also added a tiny bit of black under the lowerlashline but stopped about halfway (I did not go all the way to the corner of the eye) I used a blending brush to blend everything out, including the black under my lower lashline I then added a cream color(kind of sparkly) to my brow bone For my winged eyeliner I used Loreal's black felt eyeliner marker I then added some black eyeliner on my waterline and added some mascara For my brows: I used a nyx brow pencil in brown (I try to do my brows very natural) For my lips: I used Jasmine La Belle lipstick in plum Please let me know what y'all think !
your eye looks amazing. kudos @ladyoometal
I think you did a great job with your cat eye (especially the flick at the end)! I also love using NYX. Thanks for sharing your makeup tips with us. :)
thanks guys ! :)
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