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father are you out there where are you father I've been playing this game of hide and seek for 19 years and ... im tired every time i needed you you weren't there do you know what is like to have to deal with these feelings of being left alone to never know what it feels like to play catch on a Sunday afternoon to be able to work on cars with you but NO! you left me alone on my own no experience at all i often wonder what my life would be like if you hadn't left and as much as i wish you stayed i ask myself. ..... would that have affected the man i am today? i dont know but what i do know is that i will never be like you and deny my kids and leave them i will always be there for them even if they dont want me there they will never have to know what is like to be.... ......... Fatherless
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All I can say is that you will be an even better father thanks to your experience. Nice work.