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So my 18th birthday is coming up and I'm trying to decide between two boards/set ups. Any and all input is welcome. Option A. Oat soda 42" DTP purple beercan board Caliber II satin purple trucks 70mm sugar canes Holesom bearings Khiro shock riser 0.13" Option B. Bustin Ibach 39" 181mm bear trucks space grizzly 52 degrees 70mm RAD Glide wheels Bones Swiss bearings Khiro shock riser 0.06"
I have just heard beercan boards aren't that durable. And from what I have heard bustin is really good.
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Cosmetic is not a problem for me.
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surprisingly my beer can is very light for it being aluminum @JaydenWashabaug
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if it were me id get the bustin. honestly I haven't tried either so im not the best to ask about it but i like the size and everything about the bustin more than the beercan. I just don't like the thought of aluminum decks.. besides being waterproof and they wont warp. sounds like they would be heavy n I don't like that. idk I haven't read much about beercan but that's my thoughts @DanielSpazJames
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