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Can I get some help?
So my 18th birthday is coming up and I'm trying to decide between two boards/set ups. Any and all input is welcome. Option A. Oat soda 42" DTP purple beercan board Caliber II satin purple trucks 70mm sugar canes Holesom bearings Khiro shock riser 0.13" Option B. Bustin Ibach 39" 181mm bear trucks space grizzly 52 degrees 70mm RAD Glide wheels Bones Swiss bearings Khiro shock riser 0.06"
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surprisingly my beer can is very light for it being aluminum @JaydenWashabaug
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I have a bustin ibach 37. I have to say that it's one of my favorite boards along from bustin. It's a double drop deck so it's super low to the ground. If you're looking to push for miles this deck makes it super easy on the legs. Being super low to the ground does have its disadvantages though. If you're like me that likes to have your back foot off the board a little when sliding, you might end up grinding your heel on the ground. I was using 50 calibers and didn't have a problem. If you use something like 44 calibers that have a bit more lean or other similar trucks, you might run into that problem often if you slide that way. Talking about slides, it feels like a super wide board so you have lots of room on the board for your feet when going sideways. Your feet feel nicely locked in for nice control. The grip tape is a bit on the softer side, at least for me. The edges peel off rather easy so you might want to regrip it with something a bit better, it's your preference though. Lastly, this is NOT a freestyle board. It has an extremely small tail which is hard to get a pop out or anything. If you're cruising and mildly freeriding then it will work for you.
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Well what are you planning on doing?
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Mostly learning freeride. But easy commute is a big plus for me. @steezster
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I've tried the bustin the concave is super amazing but if you're getting it get like black vicious or that high end mob
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