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Fantasy Kpop Starting Soon!
Hello My Vingle Family! My name is Melissa! I want to try something new in Vingle. It's called Fantasy Kpop. It's like Fantasy Football, but different to fit a kpop format. I will be explain more in details now. As I mentioned Fantasy Kpop is like Fantasy Football. You would need to fill in 9 positions for Leader, main dancer, dancer, main rapper, rapper, main vocalist, vocalist, visual and maknae. You can have different idols from different groups, just be sure the idol is in right position. Like Taeyong is Leader and main dancer for NCT, so he would be perfect for those positions. If you have any questions about the rules, please comment or pm me. We will start keep a track on points when the season starts. You get points whenever one of your member achieves the qualification like being part of a win, or a comeback. So if your member is part of a group that has a comeback during the season, you will get those points. *important notice: 7 points for achieve awards in awards shows. 3 points for performing awards show. I hope I explained it clearly how Fantasy Kpop will go. I am pretty excited to start this. I'm hoping for a good turn out. This will be a fun way for Vinglers to interact with other communities. Fantasy Kpop Team @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @royalpandajedi @starbell808 *please comment if you would like to be added to Fantasy Kpop tag list* My Vingle Family @Just2BLoved @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @royalpandajedi @BBxGD @BabydollBre @JaxomB @Starbell808 @EXOahjummafan @InfiniteUtopia @SweetDuella @CLAKPOP @Yugykookie97 @gabstar143
10 Times your favorite stars looked exactly like anime characters
For me and most other Korean addicts that I know, there was a time when I fangirled over anime characters way more than I did any real human being, until I realized that real-life anime characters were in K-pop and K-drama all along. In honor of this amazing relation in fandoms, this article presents ten times some of our favorite idols looked exactly like classic anime characters. (**This is an article posted on the Dramafever FB page. It was too good to pass up so I had to add it here.**) 1.) Lee Min Ki and L from Death Note Every time I see Lee Min Ki, I can't help but be reminded of L, even when he's playing quirky characters like Byun Hee (Shut Up Flower Boy Band). They both have this sort of dark, dominating image to them, especially when it comes to their eyes, but despite their intimidating demeanor, you can't help but love the two. Plus don't you just love the idea of Lee Min Ki playing a dark genius detective? 2.) Former EXO-Member Tao and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Yes, I realize that Final Fantasy is originally one of the biggest gaming franchises out there, but they also made and animated movie that featured Cloud as the main character, so most of my comparisons are based off of the movie, not the classic game. That aside, don't they both look so much alike? They got the hair, the lips, the "I don't care" sunglasses/goggles, even the general vibe they give off is similar. I love it when Tao has the whole bad boy concept, but this took it to a whole different level of awesome for me. 3.) BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Gaara from Naruto Honestly, no one can rock Gaara's hair color and thick eyeliner as well as G-Dragon can. Enough said. 4.) BTS's V and Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul There are so many things that are visually similar between these two. They both have masculine yet cute facial features that are highlighted by white hair, my personal favorite hair color on V. These features include their jawline, nose, and their darker colored eyes. I also like how they both are wearing the same colored shirt in this image. It just makes the contrast pop out all the more. 5.) Park Shin Hye and Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club One of my favorite looks on the always beautiful Park Shin Hye was when she was playing Go Mi Nam in You're Beautiful, and her cross-dressing mishaps reminded me a lot of those from Ouran High School Host Club. After re-watching the series for the millionth time, I couldn't help but notice how similar the two females looked despite having totally different reasons for their situations. They both look really good in that boyish style, but still manage to maintain an innocent, feminine charm that you can't help but love. Just an example of the perfect balance between the two. 6.) Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Luffy from One Piece Look at these two dorks with their toothy closed-eye smiles! They just scream adorable, don't they? I've always thought that Eunhyuk had aspects Luffy's boyish look and spirit, but seeing it highlighted so well in this picture just makes these goofy boys seem even more alike then I thought. I like how these two look in general, but the icing on the cake? How awesome Eunhyuk looks in a straw hat. 7.) IU and Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura IU and Sakura are similar in more ways than one in this instance. Not only do these two look have absolutely adorable and similar facial features, but both of these girls are also the epitome talent. While Sakura is good at everything from rollerblading to cooking, IU is the ultimate triple threat idol by being amazing at singing, dancing, and acting (which can be seen by her performances in Dream High and Producer). Also who wouldn't love to see IU in all of Sakura's elaborate outfits? 8.) Rain and Grey Fullbuster from Fairy Tail Hold on to your hats, ladies 鈥 these two are the perfect example of Korean idols and anime characters looking absolutely perfect . Both of these boys have similar appearances from their dark hair to their crosses and jeans, but also abs to absolutely die for. Grey Fullbuster almost never wears a shirt, and Rain, for the sake of all his adoring fans, shouldn't even own a shirt, so these two lady-killers are almost one and the same. Plus, it would be so cool to see Rain with ice powers. 9.) Jang Geun Suk and William T. Spears from Black Butler Ahhh...Jang Geun Suk's look from You're Beautiful, both my favorite and least favorite style for him. Not only did the his whole slicked-back hair and tuxedo look remind me of a butler, but specifically one butler in particular: William T. Spears. These two look eerily similar in this scene except for one tiny detail, that of course being William's trademark glasses, but add the glasses and you have the perfect casting choice for a demon butler. 10.) BTS's Rap Monster and Sailor Moon Last, but not least, my personal favorite pair-up, Rap Monster and Sailor Moon. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the closest-looking comparison of this entire list. Every thing from the hair and make-up to the sailor fukku is perfect. Plus, Rap Monster's body shape is definitely on point for this cosplay.
Okay guys and girls. I know there are many many doppelganger** out there. But this is solely based on my opinion. These are my thoughts on who looks a like for male Kpop idols. I am just naming a few, and some may be more than 2 people. And, yes, it's a long list. Please read through it lol or go at least go through the pictures. Pretty please? ** Doppelganger - an apparition or double of a living person. B.A.P DAEHYUN & GOT7 JR Gosh, now I know another reason why one is my bias and the other is my bias wrecker! BTOB MINHYUK & BTS JUNGKOOK This is completely my opinion! I know a lot of people say they don't look a like. But for them I got them so confused! Even though I was a BTOB fan before BTS, I still got them confused. My sister laughed at me a lot because of it lol BLOCK B ZICO & WINNER SEUNG YOON Allkpop or Koreaboo (one or the other) brought my attention to Zico and Seung Yoon. I'm not a huge WINNER fan so I don't really know the members but Zico and Seung Yoon do look alike. B1A4 BARO & VIXX RAVI & WINNER MINO I was surprised at Ravi. I didn't think he looked like either Baro or Mino until Google lol. Also, guess who's who is the 4th picture! Lol I got so confused! EXO-K BAEKHYUN & BTS V Widely known to look a like. I don't even need to describe anything lol SUPER JUNIOR SUNGMIN & B1A4 SANDEUL They're just the cutest little puppies ever! Even though one's married already. RAIN (BI) & 2PM JUNHO & MBLAQ LEE JOON Well, damn. I was pretty shocked at how much Lee Joon looks like Rain. But I always thought that Junho and Rain looked alike. FT ISLAND HONGKI & MBLAQ MIR Another popular look alike. I can see why though. K.WILL & BIGBANG DAESUNG Lol I cracked up on this one. Idk why :') BEAST JUNHYUNG & BTOB ILHOON I didn't think they looked alike until I started reading some comments saying that they do. INFINITE SUNGYEOL & EXO-M KRIS & CROSS GENE TAKUYA I, personally, didn't think Kris and Sungyeol look very much alike. It wasn't until I saw a photo of Kris upside down looking like Sungyeol. SHINEE ONEW & SONG JOONG KI & LEE WOO-GEON Lmao, when I first watched Sassy Go Go I got really confused. I thought Lee Woo-Geon was Onew for the first like 2 episodes. H.O.T KANGTA & SUPER JUNIOR SIWON & SUPER JUNIOR-M ZHOUMI & EXO-K SUHO & EXO-M TAO I was kinda if-y about this one. I didn't know if Tao and Suho fitted along with Siwon, Kangta and Zhoumi. But I guess? B.A.P HIMCHAN & IKON BOBBY Okay, I also, didn't think they looked a like until BAP came back lol. But now I can see the similarities. U-KISS KEVIN & TEEN TOP CHUNJI For the longest time ever, I always got confused with Kevin and Chunji. Lol, I think it is because I discovered them at the same time. PARK BO-GUM & UP10TION WOOSHIN This tripped me out! I'm a HUGE Park Bo-Gum fan and when I saw Wooshin. I was like "OMGT**!" ** MADTOWN's newest song called "OMGT", Oh My God, Thanks NU'EST REN & SEVENTEEN JEONGHAN Bruhhhhh, do I even have to say it? Everyone [(who's a SEVENTEEN fan (and maybe NU'EST fan)] know that they look alike. SUPER JUNIOR HEECHUL & SEVENTEEN JUN No words for this one. Both sides just has to acknowledge it lol also, Heechul's good at Chinese so he can easily have a conversation with Jun. BTS SUGA & SEVENTEEN WOOZI Tripper here again! When SEVENTEEN first came out we all thought Woozi was a Suga baby. Who can deny it! They look so alike! Also, thei swag runs deep in their family lol. Woozi must've got it all from his daddy Suga and Mommy CL. ___________鈽嗏櫋~鈽嗏櫋~鈽嗏櫋~鈽嗏櫋鈽哶_________ Sorry for not having as much photos and idols as I wished for. I was limited space. But thanks for stopping by and looking at this card! 鞐煬攵 頇旍澊韺!!! 靷瀾頃挫殧!!!
Pass It On
Just wanted to send some love out to my Vingle family. Feel free to pass this hug on and add your tag lists. Have a wonderful Sunday. I love you all! @NickySerban @TLeahEdwards @sarahdarwish @kpopjams @desesoray @StefaniTre @VeronicaArtino @KwonOfAKind @JessicaEvaristo @Tigerlily84 @mexicanchika45 @heidichiesa @michellefuentes @xtrauserr @KellyOConnor @xsandos17 @jjrockstar @baileykayleen @Baekyeol27 @lilbr0wneyes @SHINee808 @loftonc16 @Starbell808 @DominiqueThomas @shantalcamara @Saeda1320 @kaylie1597 @HurdKpop @christianliu @DekaraMiller @jespinosa1546 @HawaouDiallo @edwey66 @petname83 @FelicianaRomero @JoseCullen @QueenLele @thePinkPrincess @xroyalreisx @Gabbyxy34 @alison2013 @jemitza @delnygro @BekiKunstman @kpoplover492 @KaikaiKpop @KpopQueenaBee @BrianaSmalls @Princess2328 @sukkyongwanser @larosamong @Jiyongixoxo @NasihaOcasio @celeste2655 @BluBear07 @jessicalnichols @BBxGD @IreneLee4608 @ZaTaylor @DenieceSuit @Edithse7en @ZwankimaWalker @szewwy @jessicaacosta90 @SaiT @KaylaStokes @jupiterchan @jacobsnyder @vikkitea1776 @SatinSkies @DyaMoon01 @ElizabethT @Ercurrent @LateashaChantae @glo86 @JazminePerry @SaraHanna @TerraToyaSi @Yongsongmi @kandle779 @quizhpelizeth @montha91 @catchyacrayon @Annaharris1989 @punkpandabear @JasminMartinez @CCHI0692 @SamanthaRae19 @castielaf @NEOisRealo @dancingdazzler @ZombieGirl34 @Starbell808 @justcallmekyki @keshabarkulis3 @PaolaMel @animechild51 @JiminsJams4 @NinaKuduzovic @MeghanJorgina @woahdersierra @H8rt4u @ReunPin @kpopandkimchi
15 Underrated K-Pop Collabs You Need To Hear Right Now
all credit goes to Soompi for this article! [I'll be leaving little side notes xD hehe] Just when you thought there was nothing better than your favorite group releasing new music, they link up with members of another group and release an amazing collab track. In no particular order, here are 15 stunning collaborations you absolutely need on your playlist. Lee Hi 鈥 Special (feat. BLACKPINK鈥檚 Jennie) [Oh Jennie voice tho!] Years before her official debut, BLACKPINK鈥檚 Jennie lent her voice to a number of YG artists鈥 tracks. Much like her contribution on G-Dragon鈥檚 鈥淏lack,鈥 Jennie makes this Lee Hi collaboration an easy essential. Sunmi 鈥 Frozen in Time (feat. GOT7鈥檚 Jackson) [OMG Sunmi and jackson beautiful!] Wonder Girls鈥 Sunmi turns heads when she releases solo title tracks like 鈥淔ull Moon鈥 and 鈥24 Hours,鈥 but you definitely can鈥檛 let her duet with GOT7鈥檚 Jackson slip under your radar. It鈥檚 slow, lush, and rhythmic 鈥 a perfect fit for both stargazing and late-night car rides. f(x) 鈥 Lollipop (feat. SHINee) [first off WHAT LOLLIPOP F (X)? SHINee? what!? I'm shook! lol] If there were ever two groups that needed to collaborate more often, f(x) and SHINee would be those groups. 鈥淟ollipop鈥 is their first official track together, and it definitely makes you wish they鈥檇 collaborate more. Apink & B.A.P 鈥 Mini [Once again I'm shook!] Apink and B.A.P are two groups you鈥檇 never imagine together, but their joint track 鈥淢ini鈥 still works. Aside from making you immediately want to buy everything they鈥檙e selling, the tune is a cute and catchy essential on all your favorite playlists. EXO鈥檚 Chen & Heize 鈥 Lil鈥 Something [just the title of the song caught my attention hehe] Can we all agree that STATION is the best concept to come out of SM Entertainment this year? EXO鈥檚 Chen and rapper Heize give us yet another hit in their collaboration STATION track 鈥淟il鈥 Something,鈥 produced by Vibe鈥檚 Jae Hyun Ryu. IU 鈥 Everybody Has Secrets (feat. Gain) [What?! man UI voice and Gain voice just perfect] IU joins Brown Eyed Girls鈥 Gain for a jazzy duet in 鈥淓verybody Has Secrets.鈥 The tune is a great B-side track to IU鈥檚 鈥淢odern Times鈥 album, which includes another fantastic duet with SHINee鈥檚 Jonghyun MONSTA X 鈥 鈥淓x Girl (feat. MAMAMOO鈥檚 Wheein)鈥 [Okay wait! first! MAMAMOO!! WHERE WAS I UNDER A ROCK WHY DIDN'T I HEAR THIS SONG BEFORE! second with monstaX what!?] Yet another example of why we need cross-company group collaborations. MONSTA X couples with MAMAMOO鈥檚 Wheein for a laidback track unlike their usual hard-hitting hip hop. f(x) 鈥 鈥淕oodbye Summer (feat. EXO鈥檚 D.O.)鈥 [Fx sure does alot of collaboration xD my squishy D.O!!] Continuing on with that same mellow feel, f(x) rejoins the list for their collaboration with EXO鈥檚 D.O on 鈥淕oodbye Summer.鈥 Thanks to Amber鈥檚 lyricism, there鈥檚 even an English version, featuring Eric Nam. HyunA 鈥 鈥淛ust Follow (feat. Block B鈥檚 Zico)鈥 [I lowkey ship them xD but their voice together is NIIICCEE] Although the official version features Dok2, you can鈥檛 help but love HyunA鈥檚 version with Zico for her live stages. The two rappers exude the same strong, daring confidence we know from their solo projects, and their song will leave you feeling just as bold BIGBANG 鈥 鈥淔orever With U (feat. 2NE1鈥檚 Park Bom)鈥 [I legit heard this song when I was barely getting into kpop and I semi like it but eventually ended up liking it. it's a good song] With the amount of classics G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Park Bom have under their belts, YG Entertainment might as well go ahead and make them an official subunit. This soulful tune from BIGBANG鈥檚 early days still deserves your attention eight years after its release VIXX 鈥 鈥淵ou鈥檙e Mine (feat. Minah of Girl鈥檚 Day)鈥 [Whatever the article said 100% agree xD] VIXX switches things up for their track 鈥淵ou鈥檙e Mine鈥 with Minah of Girl鈥檚 Day. This easygoing track pairs Minah with the VIXX members, setting the perfect ambience for a carefree evening. BTS鈥檚 Suga 鈥 鈥淪o Far Away (feat. Suran)鈥 [this song is new isn't? from the suga mixtape? I might be wrong idk] More than just a beautiful song, 鈥淪o Far Away鈥 is a transformative collaboration between BTS鈥檚 Suga and indie artist Suran that explores the uphill battle of having and achieving your dreams. T-ara & Supernova 鈥 鈥淭TL (Time To Love)鈥 [I've heard a couple of song from T-ara but not supernova. Tho this collaboration was good] T-ara and Supernova collaborate effortlessly in their 2011 joint track 鈥淭TL (Time To Love).鈥 The groups work together so seamlessly, it鈥檚 almost like they鈥檙e one coed group. Jonghyun 鈥 鈥淟ove Belt (feat. Younha)鈥 [OMG JONGHYUN VOICE YAS!] SHINee鈥檚 Jonghyun鈥檚 duet with Younha will definitely be your anthem for the fall. Calm and captivating, this track is the perfect addition to any and all of your lazy autumn days. Lee Hi 鈥 鈥淲orld Tour (feat. WINNER鈥檚 Mino)鈥 [yas talk about the perfect pairing] YG artists are no strangers to collaborating with their labelmates. This Lee Hi and Mino track is the perfect example of their artistry. Lee Hi鈥檚 voice alone is enough to make for an enticing song, but Mino brings it to a whole other level with his skillful rap. ~~~~~~ 鈥o what did you all think about these Collabs? 鈥hat are your favorite K-pop collabs? 鈥ave you heard any of these before and what where your thought on it? 鈻狶et me know in the comments below!! I'M TAGGING ALL OF YA'LL BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE YOU ALL SHOULD HEARD THESE COLLABS. 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