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I'm going to attach there's link on the article and republish. Thanks for the heads up.
Skin care is important not only to be youthful, but to preserve the health of the largest organ of the body and prevent communicable diseases, and harmful effects of the environment, as well as from us. Beauty is wonderful, but health is just as important. We need to tend and care us so we can be well rounded.
I just read the article from the Yahoo link you posted. Here's the bottom line that I learned: "...while all Korean women strive for a flawless, white visage, “in the US, women with pale skin enjoy tanning and use bronzer to create the sun-kissed look.” So while makeup is de rigueur in America, Koreans focus on skin health, hydration, and whitening, only occasionally using products like highlighter."
@monna24 Is there info on why? There's only a title and image. But no explanation.