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How To: Magnolia Petal Balloons
Not only are blossoming magnolia trees beautiful to look at during the springtime, you can make balloons out of the trees’ fallen magnolia flower petals.
1. Pick up fallen magnolia petals. 2. Cut the calyx about 1 cm. 3. Rub the cut part very very very gently. 4. Blow into the petal. *whoosh-- SUCCESS!!! :D If you liked this video, please visit our website: for more!

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Thanks! That is what we are here for :) @marshalledgar
3 years ago·Reply
I'd love to see a creative floral arrangement using these petal balloons. I bet they could be wired together to make something really spectacular.
3 years ago·Reply
wow.... very interesting👀
3 years ago·Reply
Wow.. that is actually a great idea!!! Hm... @marshalledgar Thanks! @rinkyks
3 years ago·Reply
:) My pleasure!
3 years ago·Reply