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Here comes the bittersweet moment - It's been a pleasure to be the Fashion for Women moderator for the past three months. Just an update, the fashion community member double in size (20,000+) during Q1 and I was able to meet some awesome people through this community. Sorry if I wasn't able to say "hi" to all of you but don't worry because I'll still be around! I will continue to post regularly Outfit Ideas, Manicure Monday, and Fashion Basics & Fixes, so be sure to tune in!
Lastly, don't forget to show some love to the new fashion moderator @madeleine!
Thank you for a great quarter!
Love, Stargaze
Aww...It was nice to meet you in this community too! I love your outfit ideas collection, don't stop posting! :)
I am new to the community. I love those X O rings. I love to mix fashion with cocktails. Can't go wrong with either.
Thanks for the encouragement @stargaze.
Appreciate it! Hope to see your cards continuously :)
I'm glad you're still keeping up with Manicure Mondays! I have decided that I will finally start taking care of my nails this spring hahaha
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