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Sterling Turns Down Contract Extension
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In an interview with BBC Sport on Wednesday, Liverpool forward Raheem Sterling has said he does not want to be seen as a “money grabbing 20-year-old” after turning down a contract extension from Liverpool worth a reported £100,000/week.

The Liverpool forward said “It’s not about the money at all” and that he does not want to discuss a new contract until the end of the current season. The forward went on to say that the game was about winning silverware for him.
The contract rejections has the rumour mill spinning in terms of where he might land, but Sterling has specifically expressed he will sit down with the club at the end of the season to discuss contracts. I think the kid is playing this very smartly in all honesty. He’s come out to put a silence on the rumours which could have swayed him one way or another and he’s generally keeping things close to his chest until the summer when offers could come in from other clubs.

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