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Greetings, From the Food Moderator!
Hello everyone! Here's to our second quarter of delicious goods! Winter came and gone like the wind but I'm so glad it's Spring! I'm excited to see more vibrant dishes and sweets as we step into the season. Some of you are posting recipes that makes me hungry in the middle of the day but I love it. Keep them coming! Let's continue our food adventure together! Lastly, don't be shy to stop by and say "hi"!
Keep calm and enjoy your food.
- AvocadoLove.
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What a great card! I was recently selected to moderate the Weddings Community. Never did it before. I am going to do a card like this for that community. :) @AvacadoLove
3 years ago·Reply
Welcome back @AvocadoLove!
3 years ago·Reply
That GIF is making me hungry!
3 years ago·Reply
agreed. make the gif come to life!
3 years ago·Reply
I'm ready for another quarter of epic foodieness. Let's do this!!
3 years ago·Reply