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It's not too late to get your Easter eggs TOTALLY FABULOUS! Eggs, sequins, pencil, hot glue gun (and glue) are all you need! This DIY comes from StudioDIY.com. Feel free to take your glittery eggs to the next level of your own creativity by displaying them in cute containers or baskets.
Boil your eggs and dry them.
Use a pencil to draw letters on the eggs.
Spooled sequins on thread work perfectly when glued in place.
This tutorial uses gold. But what if you used fabulous colored sequins? You can find them in all sorts of pastel colors at craft stores like Michael's and Jo-Anne's. Specialty online shops carry these also.
I hope you have a fun and festive Easter this weekend! Get out there and DIY it your way!
So colorful and pretty! I love the gold details of this DIY.
What are going to do @noonmarez? I like this idea too. It looks easy and fast
This gives me an idea for something else. :)