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Apple celery juice is a fantastic addition to your daily diet. Additionally, it can be used for your juice cleanse!
A simple yet delicious juice recipe made from apples, celery, almonds, and milk (only 4 ingredients!).


Step 1. Put apples, celery, and almonds in a blender.
Step 2. Add 200 mL of milk.
Step 3. Mix in the blender until all ingredients become liquid.

Some Tips!!!

Tip 1: If you do not have a measuring cup, use 1 and 1/3 paper cup of milk.
Tip 2: Make sure the nuts are completely blended! You don’t want hard bits in your juice.


Now, time to learn about the benefits.
Apple Celery juice can:
- Aid in weight loss - Increase energy levels - Optimize digestion - Eliminate and or prevent kidney stones - Lower blood pressure - Fight cancer - Detoxify - Calm the nervous system - Relieve inflammation - Lower cholesterol - Provide many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as A, B1, B2, B6, C, potassium, iron, etc.,
Did we convince you to try this juice yet? :-)
We haven't tried this - but maybe the smoothie will be a little bit less thick because milk is more fatty and thicker whereas rice milk and soy milk are a little bit more watery @sophiamor
Can I use soy or rice milk with this instead of normal milk?
Thanks! Smoothies are perfect to experiment with and personalize :-) @GetFitwithAmy
I'd probably want to add a little something like honey in there to add some sweetness but other than that it sounds great!