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Organic Hobby, Inc. introduces its new figures for the U.S. market, two cute servants "Cure Maid Café & Café Mailish." "Maid Café Collection Plus 2" is based on real servants' costumes from some of the very famous Café and Restaurants (Mia-Café, Café-Pelerinage, Café-Primavera, E-Meid, etc...) in Japan. "Maid Café Collection Plus 2" introduces two cute "servants" figures; "Cure Maid Café" and "Café Mailish" in their gothic costume party. Each PVC figure is 8 ½" high and comes equipped with a custom base for display. "Maid Café Collection Plus 2 (Cure Maid Café & Café Mailish)" is guaranteed to provide you the best service wherever you decide to display them.
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