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Got a minute?

Literally, 60 seconds are all you need to turn your Easter decor into something remarkable! This is the simplest, fastest holiday DIY I discovered on StudioDIY that I simply had to share with you! All you need are a pair of scissors to turn ordinary party balls into Easter Fabulousness!
Getting cheap and cheerful pastel honeycomb balls are as easy as going to your local party supply store or a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael's.
Using a good pair of sharp scissors, simply cut out half-silhouette eggs from round spherical paper honeycombs. Imagine, if you will, the same process as cutting out paper hearts for Valentine's Day.
After the eggs are cut out, connect the sides and expand the honeycomb paper to reveal a three-dimensional paper egg. So chic. So simple.
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We don't celebrate Easter in my culture but it's a neat idea that can be used in other ways too.