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You are taking a quick trip to the nearest corner store to get some snacks. You put on your over-sized sweater, wrinkly jogging bottoms, and slippers. Since it’s late in the day, it’s likely no one is around and you do not worry about anyone seeing you.
But then… you run into… your ex-boyfriend! With his NEW girlfriend. Why? Why must you run into to him today, right now, when you are dressed like a loafer and your pants are all wrinkly.
To avoid this problem from happening again, we introduce to you: How To Get Rid Of Knee Creases.

What you'll need:

- Knee-creased pants
- Empty spray bottle
- Liquid glue
- Iron


Step 1: Mix the water and liquid glue at a ratio of 10:1.
Step 2: Turn the pants inside out.
Step 3: Spray the knee section and press it with the iron. Tip! If the fiber is weak, iron the pants with a towel laid on top.

Before & After Photos

After spraying the glue mixture, the pants retain their original form.
And the next time you see your ex, hopefully you will have a better, less embarrassing experience. :-D
So glad to help you out! Jogging bottoms are the comfiest but definitely aren't always the most stylish. But now they can look alright ;) @ChelseaHeyes
So helpful. I love wearing my joggers out but sometimes I feel embarrassed because it looks like I just rolled out of bed. Thanks!