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We all know the Pantone color of 2015 is Marsala but there are many gorgeous colors for each season. To highlight some of my favorite shades, I'll be combining the seasonal 2015 colors in the Dress Me in Pantone collection. I'll start with Aquamarine (Pantone 14-4313). This color is cool, calming and reminds you of sky blue. Aquamarine works well on all skin tone but the color is especially stunning for pale skin.

Colors That Pairs Well With Aquamarine:

Neutral colors like gray, white or taupe shades.

My Favorite Aquamarine Styling Pieces:

The blue lace dress would be perfect for bridesmaids.
I usually don't like bluish clothes, but now I am planning to get some thanks to your perfect styling and color matching advice!
I've been really into pastel color lately. This one is personally my spring favorite. Not to girly yet feminine.
I'm in love with the light blue blazer!