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Good Day Weddings Community!

Plotting, planning and producing weddings could not be more thrilling. Or could it?
I imagine that with all the creativity embodied in all the Weddings Community members here, collectively, we have the power, knowledge, and inspiration to make all our wedded dreams come true. How exciting is that?! :)
As your Quarter 2 Moderator, I invite you to share, contribute, comment, ask questions, and have FUN here. I am eager to assist, facilitate and be a sounding board for everyone here.

Fun Tips

When creating a card, keep in mind that your content, such as the words, pictures, videos, gifs and such bring value to the card and the community.
Cool pictures like a wedding dress become even BETTER when we know a little more about the picture such as designer, where to buy, pricing if available and commentary of why you like it.
Editing tools to make your cards and collections come TO LIFE exist by accessing Vingle on your computer. Mobile tools such as these are in development and will be announced as soon as they are available.
Hearts, hearts, hearts... Feel free to "heart" cards, collections and comments. Let your voice be heard; your questions and comments help build the bonds of community. It's exciting.
Please comment below to share ideas of what you'd like to see more of in the Weddings Community. I look forward to co-creating and maintaining an awesome playground for all things weddings!
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Is that really you @marshalledgar? wow. You're a lot younger than I pictured. haha
3 years ago·Reply
Look at you! @marshalledgar. Congrats on your Moderator role. What's that flower you're wearing on the coat?
3 years ago·Reply
thanks @NixonWoman I appreciate that. it's a light blue crocheted flower. I got it from the tie bar online
3 years ago·Reply
Pretty cool you're doing this now. contratulations and good luck @marshalledgar
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks @marshalledgar! Congrats to you too!! <3 <3
3 years ago·Reply