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Chances are if you open up a magazine you there would be a page or two dedicating to the Jenner sisters. The two duos are taking up the hollywood media like a storm. Truly, they're following the footsteps of big sis, Kim Kardashian. While Kendall Jenner took the center stage of the runway, everyone is talking about Kylie Jenner's signature plump lips. There are rumors that she undergone something medical to get that pout but I think it's just her natural beauty and a little makeup.
Wondering how to get her look? I've round up three youtube tutorials that use different makeup techniques to achieve Kylie's signature style.
Kaushal Beauty shows you how to achieve the Kylie look with dewy skin and rosy lips. Perfect for date night makeup!
iMacUrFace's makeup tutorial is for those who want to look photogenic and flawless in photos. They are a lots of layering going on but the result is not cakey at all. Learn how from the video above!
Finally, we have MissJessicaHarlow's makeup tutorial. In addition to Kylie's makeup instruction, her video is filled with great tips on dark circle coverage and getting a matte lip.
These beauty bloggers have full pouts to begin with! So envious.
Those lashes are amazing though. If you have them, flaunt them!
I think she is gorgeous but I'd love to see her enjoy the beauty of her youth. She wears makeup and appears so much more mature.
This first tutorial could pass for bridal makeup. It's gorgeous.
I'm stealing the eye makeup trick from the first tutorial!
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