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While watching Sailor Moon as a young child, I always remembered about Luna, and about how much she wanted to become a Sailor. While watching the TV series, and watching the movies, I found the many forms that she takes. I find it quite beautiful. I first had to draw older Luna, then her younger form (from the Japanese version) and her actual form.This took me a while to draw and place together. I'm usually pretty bad at drawing animals, but I think it came through quite well. Who are your favourite characters? #sailormoon #digitalwork #moon #Luna You can also find me on; Deviantart: Loilie.deviantart.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamdrawlove Tumblr: dreamdraw-love.tumblr.com/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/dreamdraw_love
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Wow!!! These are so good. I love all Lunas, I think. The overall look of this is great! My fave character has always been Sailor Mars :)