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Hey guys, So This is my Top ten underrated, they are pretty much girl groups because you guys almost already said all of them@MattK95 @jiggzy19 @danidee @Ambie @christy @sherrysahar @StephanieDuong etc and besides I'm more of a girl group K-pop fan Either way I didn't research on them because I'm already a big fan of all. I'm just really sad that most people don't realise the hard work and potential put in every music video (MV) All videos here except for Nc.a's oh my god are all under 500,000 views on youtube , if you get what I mean. 1. DAESUNG (BIGBANG) ---SHUT UP DAESUNG (Dlite) don't be surprised because that's the name of the song ....I know what you're thinking, "everybody knows daesung..duhh he's in BIGBANG" WELL not for me, everyone knows him but not his voice. He sings very well but so far as I know only T.O.P G.D & TAEYANG have done a single debut album (s) YG ...Please give DAESUNG a chance he's good! 2. LABOUM -SUGAR SUGAR this song has just been released over 2 weeks or so and has just over 350,000 views on youtube while Exo's new music video"Call me baby" is currently 6 million views and increasing daily, so you get what I mean. For me, they're cute and in new to them and all. so check them out. 3. LEE MICHELLE -WITHOUT YOU well I'm heaving, right now and I'll be accurate if I say this song gives me way too much feels. ...if you are anti-racism you know what I mean . Anyway Lee Michelle was a surprise for me, she served as an eye opener for me but I love her voice, her vocals are strong and she reminds me of Jennifer Hudson. This is her debut song, I'm proud of her.. hey! I'm black too. #Comment on your thoughts about racism in Korea# 4. HEYNE-RED LIE This is one of my favourite girly girl kpop artists she reminds me of NC.A but she's less popular ...This video is a surprise too ...I love the graphics, the meaning of the song and most importantly her voice. check her out! 5. HIGH4- DAY BY DAY If you're a fan of IU you probably know HIGH4....The thing I love about them is their distinct personalities and tye blend of voices. ..Thumbs up ! High 4! 6. NC.A- OH MY GOD Everyone probably already knows I'M a big fan of NC.A ...in case you're wondering what that means it's "NEW CREATIVE ARTIST" Weird right? But I still love her ...according to @honeysoo "she's adorable !" Check her out ! 7. ROY KIM- IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY This Guy is not totally unknown , he's semi popular and his Voice is one in a million Daebak! I love him and I'm a fan, his music is not totally our everyday Cliché songs but you know once in a while we need to stop jumping and lie on our bed, staring @ the ceiling, listening to his sorrowful voice , Thinking of your life or you know ...whatever you do best @ those times. 8. TINY G- ICE BABY THESE girls are small but mighty aka Tiny Giant. I love them, they're really short i don't know who is taller Arianna Grande or them (Lol) but they can get you on your feet. .their vocals are beyond average and they're all really classy and pretty. ..never mind the height. ...Hey I'm 5 ft 2 ! They were 4 but now 3...wae o? because the fourth one grew taller than the rest ...haha haha #Comment on their height# 9. TINT- WOLF IS STUPID This girls are lovely and the song is even lovelier but the wolf is the loveliest. ...hehe they're cute and playful but all the same . show some love. 10. BERRY GOOD- BABY BY JUSTIN BIEBER These girls are the perfect girl group for me Awesome vocals, pretty faces, a blond chick, plus they speak English really well. ..that's a plus for me...berry good? $ounds yummy right? Everything a kpop band needs except they changed them again ...wae o ? Justin Bieber stole them !! lol
@MattK95 @jiggzy19 Yeah. she hit high notes
@Uniangel18 well not actually 50 times, more like 4 or 5 XD and yes I love Heyne's new song, she is so cute in that MV and you can tell that she has been doing vocal training, her singing is getting better :D
@Uniangel18 I know! :D I was so impressed ^^
@MattK95 I noticed that too! Her voice seems a bit stronger:)
@Uniangel18 YES I LOVE THAT SONG!!! I bought it pretty much as soon as it came out lol XD
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